Thursday, March 24, 2011


I moved to LA from Michigan about a year ago. Opting for the fun way of travel I drove to Austin, TX with my good friend and photographer Joe Gall.

The first stop was in Kalamazoo, MI to hang out with a legend in many circles - Scott Towne. He will hate that I phrased it like that, but when you've heard it from others for so long it just kind of sticks.

The next stop was St. Louis and we crashed at our buddy Cole's house. Cole's got a pile of motorbikes and kills it on a bmx. Cole taking out his cherry GMC once and for all, and me river gaping not gapeing my old xs650.

I think this was taken the year before when we went down to Texas, but it was the same routine. Get into town 15 minutes before the bar closes and order 3 jack 'n cokes each.

This was taken somewhere in Texas after a week of partying in Austin. Joe flew out from there and I made the lonely 22 hour drive to LA myself.

Joe's coming to town next month and we're about to get buck nutty like ol' times. I imagine he'll fit right in with the current party crue.

Cheers to friends!

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