Friday, May 13, 2011

Benson, and apologies.

So I wrote a whole post and the the blogger shit was down and it didn't get saved. FML. Anyways this is Benson. Daniel Benson to be presumed, and he's a photographer from The U.K.

Benson was in town a few months ago on an ominous assignment with overtones of extreme personal danger when he was sent to shoot and interview Eddie. The write up would be done in the first issue of a new magaZINE called The Albion. Since then it has been released and is filled with dope photo's, great writing, and is the price of FREE! Sort of a Vice meets Holeshot BMX zine. If you don't know what Holeshot is than go fuck yourself. Just kidding.

In the 11 page interview is a double page spread of Eddie surfing on Erics Triumph, stories of a borrowed Camaro, BMX bullshit, and even some chopper talk. If you can find a copy (which you probably can't as it's sold out) check it out b/c other than Eddie's shit there's an amazing interview of Mat Hoffman, an eerily scary in depth interview with Stephen Hamilton that reads of something out of 70's issue of Rolling Stone, and a bunch of other stuff that I'm too tired to list again.

But back to Benson. Benson is the shit. He parties hard and gets it in the next day (barring his subject gets his shit together). I remember one hungover morning waking up to Benson yelling at Ed who may have been passed out in the kitchen... "Two more PHOT-O'S!" The British accent really put it over the top. Which by the way is great to watch him lay down as thick as possible when there's a kitten at the bar who "loves it when a guy has a nice accent." It was a good couple of weeks and I think the whole crue would be stoked to see him back on the West coast sooner than later.

And now for the apology... So a few days ago was Tuesday. Titty Tuesday. This is supposed to be taken care of by three individuals who will not remain nameless - Ed, Jesse, and Dr. P. I have a few gems I've been saving but the amount of personal shots from these guys' hard drives would rival a farm of Facebook servers. So by pointing this out I can only hope that this upcoming Titty Tuesday is a memorable one to make up for the mistake.


  1. My bad about the lack of tittays this week.

  2. I always look forward to Tuesdays...for that reason only...