Wednesday, May 4, 2011

It gets hard (no homo).

I'm no motorcycle builder, and I'm not a "designer". I mean, I attempt those things, and I'm always asking my friends for their opinions but I ain't no pro at this shit. Moving to Southern California and being around all these different bad asses will humble you. Seeing what they do makes you slap your forehead and go "Of course!" Or you just stare at their bikes or cars and just think, how the fuck do they come up with this?

I've seen Caleb Owen's ridiculous pan for this years Born Free and marvel at all the details. Yet I'm more syked on how it isn't over the top somehow. A little bracket like that must of taken so long to do.

I'll walk around Jason Webber's garage and find subtle-artisitc-almost homo erotic pieces and laugh at how unique his stuff is. He said he was bored at 1am when he modified this kicker. That is so sick!

And while I've never been to Max Schaaf's shop or even seen one of his bikes in person, I can't get over the bikes he's built. They're perfect. As lame as that sounds and as much of a cop out it is, they just are. Wow wow... I take that back. I've seen one of his Panheads.

I was walking on Sunset one day and saw this bike from across the street. Ran over and snapped a shot. No one was by it so I ended up scoping it hard (no homo) and thinking who the hell did this? Month's later working on an edit I saw it again. A friend of mine looked over and goes "Oh yeah Max built that". Dang, small world.

I got a buddy back in the mitten named Scott who brings it all back to the fun though. He'll build off the wall stuff. Some might say cause he doesn't give a fuck. I think it's cause he's not around anyone that would otherwise spout their opinions of his shit in his shop. He just builds whatever he thinks would be fun for him. And that's it.

These days I struggle finishing my bike. So close, yet so far away. I just want to make it to Born Free. But I've got less time than that. In 27 days, 3 hours and like 29 minutes it'll be June 1st. And Ed said (ha, "Ed said") that if our bikes aren't able to go to SF on a whim we have to sell them and buy stock cb750's. Whew, talk about a deadline.

p.s. I am wearing flip flops in the shop (all homo).


  1. whats up un-cut Slams...skinny up them bars son!

  2. I been running 'em wide hoping I'd hit them trails guy.